Monday, July 25, 2011

How to Fix File Integrity Violated

Are You facing Problem of File Integrity Violated
While copy and Moving anything in Ur PC ???

while u are copying any file u may get this error "file integrity violated" right


Why this Error appear on my Pc ??

  • This is due to external or additional Fast copying software's like Tera copy n much more (i don't blame Tera copy)
  • But the Fact is that software control the file windows systems of copying.
  • That may be drawn overwrite those system file.
  • OR it is also due to Malware , viruses that affects system files
so be aware of that.


How to Fix file integrity violated Error ???

  • Try this Remove/Reinstall any installed program of Fast copying Software like Tera copy
  • If it that program still not uninstall then use revo uninstaller pro
        then in revo select advanced (while uninstalling )

Revo Download for Free


  1. comment Plz If it is still Unfixable then plz comment here i will try to fix it

    1. still doesn't work. help me plss.

    2. remove Tera Copy Using Revo Uninstaller only ...
      after that in Revo Scan for Left over to complete removal of those teracopy files from system


      Hope it Helps

      Keep Visiting

  2. Thanks for u'r help, dude =)
    It's work =D

  3. @Aozora Thanks for Commenting
    hope You Njoyed our Blog

  4. thanks letting me the problem
    reinstall the teracopy,to fix it..
    hays,im glad i didnt reformat or system restore it..,i should make or create restore point for safety..

  5. @cyril

    thanks for commenting.
    i am updating article with ur tips thanks

  6. Thanks....!I is working Now...Thanks Again...

  7. Thanks a lot,It solved my server problem

  8. Thanks, its working good.... :)

  9. Thank you SO Much It real Works...

  10. ...tnxz it works......

  11. its working...thnks dude

  12. thank you v much to solve problum

  13. Replies
    1. You'r welcome bro
      keep visiting to my blog

  14. Thanx a worked:-)

  15. It’s superb blog please go through this url and solve your query . We provide Best online Services.check this site .
    Fix Windows 7 Error 1068
    Thank you
    Aalia lyon

  16. You are the best.... xo

    1. Glad to here it helps thanks for visiting :)

  17. Thax for yur help

  18. Thanks it worked.

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  20. NO NEED TO UNINSTALL ANY SOFTWARE like teracopy, you just need to upgrade it. And all error will be gone. No you can enjoy the fast cpoy and paste using TeraCopy.


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